Saturday, April 30, 2016

My Love Affairs With Wigs - by Pmccray

Love wigs, because of the style diversity they afford me, which allows me to change my look on any given day. Just so you know . . . don't care what anyone thinks about my preference, because its about me, and what makes me feel confident in my appearance. The only entity that I'm interested in impressing is God. 

All-Over Layered Wig- Large Valerie Wig

I follow Godiva Secret Wigs, and many other uploaders on YouTube. Not only to eyeball the vast selection of wigs available, but to pick up awesome tips for styling and maintenance of my pieces. 

Wig Basics - How to Brush and Add Fullness to your Synthetic Wig

You don't just plop wigs on, there is a lot of work that goes into giving the unit a natural look. Amazingly, I find the preparation process surprisingly relaxing. At this stage of my life I don't do gray, and dying my hair is an exasperating, eventually expensive experience. Killing too many of my much needed, already scarce brain cells, and taking up too much of my valuable time.

Uploader: BodiedByKeira - Unit: Zury Sis Ari 24 Lace Wig - Color: (Sombre RT Burgundy) 
(my most recent purchase :)

If I sound rather defensive it's due to the brazen gall of so many in our society who feel as though it is their right, and or duty to advise grown people on what they should do regarding their life choices and personal preferences. As a Christian, it irritates me to no end, when so called men and women of God chastise women in their congregation regarding the wearing of weaves or extensions. How dare they sit in judgement. It never occurs to the small minded that maybe some are wearing the apparatus because of cancer, chemotherapy or alopecia issues. Or simply its their decision, money and right to do what they choose!

Cancer Hair Loss Tips.. How Do I Tie A Scarf ...Realistic Hair Loss Pieces for Chemotherapy

We're HAIR to help! Hair loss challenges like cancer, chemotherapy, alopecia, radiation can be very scary. Where do you turn for realistic looking wigs and hair pieces? Rochelle, President of Godiva Secret Wigs  GODIVAS SECRET WIGS

TRAVEL; Why You Should Never Take Baths at Hotels - Written by CNT Editors

One of the world's most luxurious hotel bathrooms, in the VIK Master Suite at Chile's ViƱa Vik.

The debate is on: to soak, or not to soak?

After a long flight, a grueling day of business meetings, or simply walking around a new city, few things sound better than a hot bath. To some. Should you actually fill up that hotel tub, you may sit in a stew of germs, bacteria, and cleaning chemicals. A 2012 study of hotel cleanliness found that housekeepers spend about 30 minutes on each room, and that some of the most contaminated hotel items are actually the sponges and mops in housekeepers' carts—a.k.a. the items used to clean the tubs. More recent research unveiled another sad truth: Hotel bathrooms are even dirtier than airplanes
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Friday, April 29, 2016

THE LIST: AGELESS FABULOUS WOMEN These are the women that prove age is a trivial matter, indeed. - By Kerry Pieri

Carmen Dell'Orefice
Model: booked her first cover at age 15
The Lesson: Looking pulled-together is an art form. 

Hairstyles For Women Over 40, 50, 60 . . . What The . . . ? , by Pmccray

During my research for this hairstyle blog, I found myself slowly becoming incensed after reading several articles regarding the image women of a certain age should project. 

Raquel Welch - Actress, Entrepreneur - Age 75

All suggesting we should sport short modest hairstyles, without a dose of color other than gray, mixed gray, brown or black. 
What a load of antiquated crap!

Beverly Johnson - Fashion Model, Actress, Activist, Entrepreneur - Age 63

I came to the conclusion that most of these authors have not the slightest idea of the life experiences women of a certain age have lived through. I, for one, felt a great sense of release after turning forty-five. I have never felt such freedom of "I don't give a damn." No longer do I worry about my impression on others. In fact its the other way around. 

 Sophia Loren, Actress, Entrepreneur - Age 80

Women over  40, 50, 60 embrace the past as well as the modern. We are not lead by fashion.  Mature women intertwine the past with the future developing our own style. Fashion is fleeting . . . style is individual and lasting. 

Pmccray - Firefighter Mom, Blogger, Cat Parent - Age 64

Where is it written that women over 40, 50 and 60 have to act and look a certain way? May of 2016 I will be sixty-five years old, and in the words of  comedian Moms Mabley; "you don't get old being a fool". My hair is a burgundy wine and black, not some predestined gray because of my age!! 
 In closing;  ladies don't allow anyone to socially assign you to some idiot vision they may have in their heads. Go from this . . . .

to this . . . 

Tina Turner, Goldie Hawn, Diana Ross and Michelle Pfeiffer