Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Gorgeous Summer Outfits For Every Age - by Laura Lajiness

Now that summer is halfway over, inspiration for fresh ways to beat the heat can be hard to come by. Rather than despair over which tank top and shorts combo you’ve worn to death, check out these five gorgeous outfits that work for scorching temps and a range of ages. And while shorter silhouettes are assumed staples in your 20s, and maximized hems feel appropriate in your 60s, each of these ensembles can suit a variety of age ranges, depending on your style. One invariable fact: Each look will imbue carefree-cool vibes, whether you’ve got al fresco dinner plans, a sun-filled stroll ahead or a hot weekend date.  See more >

A Sexual Health ‘Surprise’ From Soul Source

As we age, intercourse can become painful for a number of reasons, and who wants to be intimate when it hurts?!!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

3 Refreshing Fruit Infused Water Recipes to Help You Stay Cool This Summer

If you know that water is good for you, but, don’t like the taste, I have a solution – fruit infused water! Today, I’d like to give you a quick demonstration of 3 of my favorite fruit infused water recipes:

Cucumber and mint – this is probably the most refreshing of the recipes that we’ll cover today.

Lemon and ginger – both lemon and ginger are great for keeping your stomach in balance.

Strawberry, lime and lemongrass – this recipe is packed with nutrients and has a luxurious feel.

What are your favorite fruit infused water flavors? Have you tried any of the variations that I went through in this video? Which ones? Please join the conversation.